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Coming up through the game, a large number of players will have missed opportunities to be at professional clubs. With the number of young players wanting to break into clubs at the youth team level, many will miss out on the opportunity. 


Lexaya player development has been designed to prepare 12 - 16 year-old players to step into academy football. 

There is a significant difference between grassroots and professional football, this is why all training sessions are led by ex and current professionals through their football experience. 

Changing to a professional environment can fluster players and will be something they may not be familiar with. In preparation for their football journey the Lexaya player development will be providing the following: 

LEXAYA Program 

We will go through the 6 objectives to build success habits


Intense academy-style sessions

Strength & Conditioning 

Workouts will be conducted to help support your physical health off the pitch


There will be refreshments before and after the session


All sessions will be led by Manny Smith

Professional Player Appearances

Ex and current professional players will attend set sessions to provide information, guidance, and their experiences, with the players

Recruitment Links

Manny Smith is an official scout for Birmingham City Football Club and we have direct recruitment links for other football clubs within the Midlands area

UEFA-Qualified Coaching

17 years professional experience and UEFA B Qualifed coaches.

Get in touch today to secure your place!

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